Proposal Name: Shorn-Marketing-Funds-Feb-181440

Owner: Shorn

Cost: 2210 Block

Voting: [yes ]

This proposal is to raise enough funds to start paid and organic marketing campaigns from February for the following products:

  • XLite wallet
  • Hydra decentralized API access

These first campaigns will be focused on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn possibly expanding to other ad platforms (Coinzilla, Google Ads, Facebook etc).

The promos will be a mix of banners, boosted posts, opt-in lead capture forms, and I will be creating and managing the campaigns.

Any required artwork will be done by a graphic designer who has previously worked for Blockent and will be paid from this proposal (he designed the Hydra logo and some of our website visuals).

For this campaigns to succeed over a period of a few months they need to be planned and managed well. I have experience in creating and managing ad campaigns, having previously worked for a number of large corporate clients in this area.

This proposal is for $3500 = approx 2210 BLOCK (including 10 BLOCK submission fee)

If there are any funds left over they will be put towards campaigns for the following month.