Proposal Name: Shorn-marketing-seo-strategy-1598400
Owner: Shorn
Cost: 3500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote from the wallet proposal screen

Previous work:
Since joining Blocknet a couple of months ago I have delivered the following projects (pls keep in mind some of these haven’t yet been released publicly):

  • new newsletter style and layout design
  • website relaunch incl. research, analysis, design and html build
  • new Lite Wallet UX/UI design
  • new mobile Lite Wallet UX/UI design - in progress
  • new Block DX trading UI - early-stage work in progress

Hi all.

After the recent changes to the Blocknet team structure, and specifically with the Ops team being voted out, I have been thinking how we can move the project forward and what we can put in place to improve the communication and marketing strategy.

While keeping the budget limitations in mind, I have identified areas that I think we can work on that could be the most effective.

This proposal covers the bulk of the work that I propose to do each week to deliver in the following key areas:

  1. Plan the website changeover process so we can get the new website live, including: work on the new text content with other contributors, identify and plan the blog (Wordpress) updates as needed, and export the new html to GitHub pages after final browser tests).
  2. Plan a new SEO campaign (with @redactedman - an estimated 500-750 further funding would be needed for an SEO freelancer and article writers after initial research phase is completed - there would be a separate SB funding proposal for this)
  3. Research other online marketing ideas and present ideas to the community (such as ‘Opt-in’ marketing campaigns to drive more traffic to Discord from social media, website and blog platforms, incentivised social media campaigns, reddit and 4chan shill teams)
  4. Develop a new high-level public roadmap: replace the existing ‘lists of tasks’ with a new high-level structure that aims to align the internal dev roadmap with investor and community expectations, reinforcing blocknet’s position as cutting-edge tech project - (with input from atcsecure and as many of the current and previous contributors as possible)
  5. Discuss and plan a new email and social media process to roll out more frequent news, dev updates and sharing authoritative articles (along with Corgi, Philip and anyone else who has experience in email / SM marketing)
  6. Discuss and plan a new visual content production process with relevant community members - regular social media asset production to deliver more engaging content (videos, gifs, static)
  7. User-onboarding initiative - discuss and plan initiatives to incentivise onboarding of users and increase dev- and end-user participation.
  8. Provide bi-weekly reports on the progress of this proposal

There are many small marketing-related tasks that can be worked on and my aim throughout September is to identify where further opportunities exist and to evaluate the impact of undertaking those. We need to be continuously researching new ideas and planning how we can deliver these as effectively and efficiently as possible with a limited budget.

NB. not all tasks may be completed this coming month as some require a longer-term strategy.

At the end of each two week period I will provide an update on the progress and expected completion dates of tasks if applicable.

Costs overview: 25 hrs per week for one month = 100 hrs for September - @ 35 Block / hr = 3500 BLOCK

If you have any questions or concerns about this proposal then please reach out to me on discord, either by PM or in the public channels, and I will try and answer them.