Proposal Name: Shorn-project-coord-and-costs-2505600

Owner: Shorn (shorn#3406 on Discord)

Cost: 26300 BLOCK

This proposal is for my continuing contribution to the Blocknet project in my role as full time Project Coordinator, including but not limited to, strategy, planning, coordination of dev team, roadmap delivery and design work for product UI’s and marketing materials.

The main scope of my work regularly includes, but is not limited to:

  • Coordinating, planning and QA testing with the dev team and contributors to deliver the Blocknet project roadmap
  • Exchange listings, business relations, reach-out and negotiations
  • Design-related tasks, including: UI/UX, websites, marketing visuals, support for other contributors as needed
  • Composing Twitter content and preparing visuals when product news is available
  • Writing and posting Blockfolio posts to our 11k subscribers (on hold until we regain access-requested)
  • Keeping the Discord and Telegram communities, and blog followers updated with the latest project progress
  • Maintaining GitHub project boards, monitoring dev progress, dev coordination
  • Editing or adding new web content as required for product launches and updates
  • Other tasks as needed - involvement in marketing and business strategy discussions, social media, press, strategy etc with other contributors.

This proposal is for 35hrs/week @ €35/hr x 4 weeks = €4900 ($5620) = 26200 BLOCK (see CMC screenshot)

This proposal also includes the monthly costs for software or platforms that are used for the Blocknet project.

The following costs are incurred each month:

  • - web hosting (main blocknet website): $13.43/month
  • XLite Wallet - web hosting namecheap - $2.88/month
  • XQuery - web hosting namecheap - $2.88/month

Total: $19.19 incl tax ≈ 100 BLOCK

Total combined proposal amount = 26300 BLOCK (rounded down from 26439)