Proposal Name: Shorn-project-coordinator-1987200

Owner: Shorn (shorn#3406 on Discord)

Cost: 1760 Block


This proposal is for my continuing contribution to the Blocknet project in my role as full time Project Coordinator, including but not limited to, strategy, planning, coordination of dev team, roadmap delivery, marketing and design work.

The main scope of my work includes:

  • Coordinating with the dev team and contributors to deliver the Blocknet project roadmap
  • Writing and posting regular Blockfolio posts to our 11k subscribers
  • Monitoring email marketing analytics, maintaining the Mailchimp account
  • Exchange listings reach-out and negotiations
  • Produce the Blocknet email newsletter (includes designing the custom graphics, content research and writing, testing and sending to 1500 subscribers)
  • Working on improving our presence on Linkedin - updating personal profile and reach out
  • Other tasks as needed - involvement in marketing strategy discussions for social media, press, strategy etc with other contributors.
  • Design, integrate and optimise ‘opt-in’ marketing campaigns (see current aaBLOCK campaign on the Blocknet website)
  • XLite project - continued coordination and QA with dev team, design and UI optimisations as needed, community testing and feedback.
  • Design-related tasks, including: UI/UX, websites, marketing visuals, support for other contributors as needed
  • website maintenance and basic SEO optimisation - monitoring the analytics and performance of the blocknet website, making any optimisations and improvements where necessary
  • editing or adding new web content as required for product launches and updates

This proposal is for **35hrs / week @ $40/hr +10 BLOCK submission fee * $3.20 = 1760 BLOCK

I’ve moved the monthly software/platform costs to their own proposal this month