Proposal Name: Shorn-strategy-marketing-coordination-design-1641600

Owner: Shorn
Cost: 3500 Block
Voting: vote f6cc5398a8fbe5ff86e17c13a7f4cc3f36c149e610b23b8bf71baa0d16409ea9 yes

Hi all. This month I would like to continue my focus on marketing and strategic tasks including, but not limited to:

  • weekly update newsletter (design custom graphics, content research and writing, testing and reporting on campaign effectiveness)

  • Blockfolio weekly update post to 11k subscribers and reach out to other platforms to be included in their news updates

  • coordination and setup of new content production process to build ‘automated’ drip campaigns. Ensuring adherence to brand identity, email marketing campaign strategy and implementation, liaising with other contributors to make sure we cover all potential audiences for content, and reporting on campaign effectiveness

  • install, create written content and design assets for up a new opt-in marketing software tool. This will be used on the new website and blog to actively try and increase Discord members and email subscribers.

  • design, code and setup new landing pages similar to for other Blocknet products that we can use with targeted media such as press and our own articles. This is an effective strategy for increasing conversions from article links and email content.

Subtotal: 20hrs / week for marketing and strategy related tasks

  • UI and visual product design - including XLite UI improvements, QA with dev team, testing and optimisations for current release, feature and design planning for next beta release, community testing.

Subtotal: 5 hrs / week for UI and design related tasks

  • XLite mobile LW design - continue with mobile LW UI work to build finished working prototype (including feedback from current desktop app) - this design prototype will be used for an interactive marketing campaign

Subtotal: 3 hrs / week for XLite mobile prototype related tasks

  • new website maintenance and basic SEO optimisation - using a suite of tools and plugins I will be performing basic SEO updates on the new website until we have the budget available for a dedicated SEO manager

Subtotal: 2 hrs / week for SEO and maintenance related tasks

This proposal is capped at 25hrs / week @ 35 BLOCK = 3500 - (Any time worked over the 25 hours will be volunteered)

Previous month work: (to be added asap)