Proposal name: Social-Media-Comms-2246400

Owner: Arlyn Culwick

Cost: 1200 BLOCK

Voting: vote ea2c41a802d075fde06eaa31b83a69dc649aed6d1faa832fb05b41879745f201 yes

This proposal is to hire a new social media and communications person, and to resume social media activities.

Why fund this proposal?

The Blocknet has been without a social media and communications person for a significant portion of this year. Social media presence is an essential facet of every crypto project. This proposal resumes activities.

What this proposal pays for

Only Chelsea’s work is funded through this proposal. Other team members are either funded separately or do not want to be paid.
This proposal funds the following:

  • Resuming our Twitter presence
  • Resuming the monthly newsletter
  • Campaign planning
  • Product narrative and persona shaping for the various Blocknet accounts
  • Identifying metrics (e.g. impressions, likes, growth rates)


  • Chelsea (social media and communications)
  • Shorn (metrics and planning)
  • Arlyn (onboarding, consultation on technical wording, editing)

Cost breakdown

  • 600 BLOCK: Chelsea’s rate. This is an industry standard rate of £20/hr for 5hrs/week, across the available weekdays this month
  • 600 BLOCK: a reserve amount to be used in the event that social media proposals are defunded, to enable us to transition gracefully instead of abruptly halting campaigns.