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Proposal Name: Social_Philip_June
Owner: Philip
Cost: 725
Voting: mnbudget vote 826667a0310dc3b71fa229b71f6603b844724dc16047b4810c47f72ef9f0f328

Previous, Recent and forthcoming tasks:

I wrote a new article that was published on CCN: “Exchange Hackings, Security and Freedom: Why Would Traditional Exchanges Embrace a Decentralized Exchange?” This covers recent exchange hacks and illustrates how embracing the Blocknet Protocol will benefit ALL exchanges. Read it here.

Various use cases for XRouter continue to be shared across social media including cases for Business & Industry, Certifications, Supply Chain and Markets.

I wrote and researched an in depth examination of the history of decentralized exchanges. This is a deep dive that examines the evolution of the DEX and compares various decentralized exchanges to see how they measure up. There is a detailed breakdown covering the different generations of the DEX and whether they can truly claim to be a decentralized exchange. Read it here.

I researched and published a comparison of various DEX that can be viewed here. You can also view the research and sources for this information here.

I am working on finishing up a new article that explains the differences between an internet of Blockchains and an intranet of Blockchains.


  • I am working closely with redactedman as he continues to source talent for graphics and for article writing.
  • Maintain and manage the social media profile of Blocknet on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, BTCTalk, Youtube, Medium and other platforms.
  • Ensure communications from the developers and marketing team can be transmitted in a clear and timely manner to the community.
  • Respond to the community.
  • Compile and write regular newsletter.
  • Contribute to various marketing materials and initiatives.
  • Write press releases and news updates.
  • Write and create articles for specific initiatives.
  • Manage, source, correspond and coordinate payments to news and media outlets.
  • Maintain various internal spreadsheets.
  • Participate in strategy discussions as part of the strategy group.

Cost Assessment:

6.0 BLOCK per hour / 4 hours per day @ $3.24 per BLOCK.
A fixed amount of 725 BLOCK from Superblock (Plus 10 BLOCK fee)

If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Marketing Fund