Proposal Name: storage-993600
Owner: Fattox
Cost: 995
Voting: Vote via the Proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote 3487722cd0d9b85ba78e0c04ec7db6b93a9396849ab90dd59fbba510a71c056b yes/no

Following on from one of our recent data migrations to our AWS S3 via the Snowball service, more storage is needed to scale up, download and use this data locally and redundantly in one of our various testing environments.

This proposal is to increase the capacity of one of our local storage devices that is already at capacity with 8x4TB disks. It will be upgraded to 12TB disks, starting with 4x drives in RAID 6, and later expanded by one disk at a time, as required.

995 BLOCK @ 1.71€ = 1,701€.
4x Ultrastar DC HC520 12TB @ 426€ = 1,704€.

This will not initially provide the desired capacity increase, but it is a requirement to first build a new array on higher capacity drives. Capacity can then be expanded after this initial upgrade and any subsequent data migration is completed.

This upgrade is a requirement to allow local access and backups of the many Terabytes of chains, VMs and other data/backups we’re required to perform our daily tasks with.