Proposal Name:
Owner: TheVoice
Cost: 2500 + 10
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Previous Work:
Support, Telegram, and Discord, Real Use Videos, Blocknet Crew media
Focus on Blocknet Project through support and core team assistance along with regular involvement on any needed core projects. Broaden the use and creation of tools to simplify user ease of use - real use videos for the community. Also building internal community participation in outside media, like but not limited to Twitter and Medium where we have the opportunity to reach people that have little or no knowledge yet of the Blocknet and Blocknet protocols. Encouraging new engagement and adoption organically.

Encouraging growth and opportunity with the development of teams on other communities to build usage of Block DX.

Building up external chain relations through the current set of blockchain peers - ie helping facilitate OTC trading groups.

1 Group has formed in the DIVI community, this is a purely community run initiative by the community members facilitated by myself and another key community member.

The second group in another chain is forming.

I will build a trading video example for this second community.

Building Blocknet Fee faucet for new communities to trade on DX - first-time users. This will be available on Telegram Groups - This bot will be complete by 10/5. It will be an admin only distribution bot. Admins will be community or core and will be trained with me using the

We will allow users a few trial uses of the Block DX to familiarize them with the process.

Continuing support videos and real-time use videos per the Trello, Community, or Core Needs.

Built the add nodes video that is usable for all GUI wallets.