Proposal Name: TheVoice-1166400
Owner: TheVoice
Cost: 1600 (1590 + 10)
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Previous Work:
Support, Telegram, and Discord, Real Use Videos, Blocknet Crew media

Focus on Blocknet Project through support and core team assistance along with regular involvement on any needed core projects. Broaden the use and creation of tools to simplify user ease of use - real use videos for the community. Also, building internal community participation in outside media, like but not limited to Twitter and Medium where we have the opportunity to reach people that have little or no knowledge yet of the Blocknet and Blocknet protocols. Encouraging new engagement and adoption organically.

Encouraging growth and opportunity with the development of teams on other communities to build usage of Block DX.

Building up external chain relations through the current set of blockchain peers - ie helping facilitate OTC trading groups.

1 Group has formed in the DIVI community, this is a purely community-run initiative by the community members facilitated by myself and another key community member.

Divi Community > can use the original BlockDX quick setup.

Building Blocknet Fee faucet for new communities to trade on DX - first-time users. This will be available on Telegram Groups - Bot is complete will continue updated as users inquire and it benefits trading. It is an admin-only distribution bot. Admins are community or core. Community admin already installing and testing bot and DX. We will be moving the bot to Digital Ocean for hosting. A minimal amount of block will be used for OTC training and trading for newcomers. Est .016 block for training and first few buy trades. No more than 10 trials per user. The distribution will be manual to prevent fraudulent trading or training.

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First Bot is in Divi Unofficial OTC, the next fork of the bot will be made for Digibyte community for an unofficial OTC trading channel with the BLOCK DX.

DigiByte community was used for the latest Block DX setup video and will be used in the soon to be created DigiByte OTC Telegram trading channel.