Proposal Name: TheVoice-993600
Owner: TheVoice
Cost: 1250
Voting: Vote via the proposal section in the Blocknet Wallet
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Previous Work:
Support, Telegram, and Discord, Real Use Videos


Focus on Blocknet Project through support and core team assistance along with regular involvement on any needed core projects. Broaden the use and creation of tools to simplify user ease of use - real use videos for the community. Also building internal community participation in outside media, like but not limited to Twitter and Medium where we have the opportunity to reach people that have little or no knowledge yet of the Blocknet and Blocknet protocols. Encouraging new engagement and adoption organically.

Previous, Recent and forthcoming tasks:

I created the videos for the community.
Produced the Blocknet Bittrex Transfer Out Video

Produced the Windows Wallet Install video

Encouraged the creation of the Blocknet Crew(community social)

I am working through all the Trello tasks for Tutorial Videos, My goal is to try and finish or close the backlog on the videos so I can focus on further support and teaser videos around DX, and XRouter for social media.