TheVoice joining Blocknet Team - 950400



Proposal Name: TheVoice-905400
Owner: TheVoice
Cost: 1250 Block
Voting: Vote via the Proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote 8115605b89bd40c079b6c1a9b52d5248260d8c35edfc612bae78dc6877072a35 yes/no

Previous Work:
Support, Telegram, and Discord, Real Use Videos


Focus on Blocknet Project through support and core team assistance along with regular involvement on any needed core projects. Broaden the use and creation of tools to simplify user ease of use - real use videos for the community.

Previous, Recent and forthcoming tasks:

I created the videos for the support channels.
The Blocknet Quick Setup Videos to help new users begin trading on Blocknet DX.

I created the videos that helped the Linux wallet upgrades

For sync, shutdown stuck or fix wallet issues I created two videos for users who don’t want or are uncomfortable with getting into data directories.
Windows Users


At my core I am a Learn and Share, Share and Learn Support Professional and Core application basher.

My specialty is support for the community and to the extreme correcting and/or clarifying application usability issues.

Here I found that a new user could back out of password encryption yet the gui did not recognize the canceling of encryption. The only way to correct this was to reboot the wallet. This was then reported to 86b immediately upon findings. Along with full video and description of the occurrence.

I will focus most of my time in three areas - Support Channel and Real Use Usability Videos, and Usability Bashing, with the goal in making new user adoption to the Blocknet DX as easy as possible.