Service Name: TwitterSearch
Cost: Free
Description: Searches Twitter for tweets based on user inputs. Search is limited to 1 week history.

  • Search for tweets based on:

    • Single-word: Type any one word

    • Multi-word: To search for multi-words use %20 in between words; the%20blocknet%20dex = “the blocknet dex”

    • Hash tag: To search for hash tags add %23 in front of the text; %23blocknet = #blocknet

    • @Username: To search tweets with @Username in it, add %40 in front of the username; %40the_blocknet = @the_blocknet

    • $crypto_ticker: To search tweets with $crypto_ticker in it, add %24 in front of the ticker; %24block = $block

    • From User: To search for tweets from @Username, add from%3A in front of the username; from%3Athe_blocknet = tweets by @the_blocknet

  • Search results can be changed by using the [result_type] parameter:

    • Recent: returns most recent tweets

    • Popular: returns most popular tweets

    • Mixed: returns both popular and real time tweets

  • Tweet response amounts can be limited by using the [tweet_count] parameter (15-100).

Additional Documentation Link: None

Usage Instructions:
xrService TwitterSearch [keyword] [result_type] [tweet_count]

Example Call:
xrService TwitterSearch blocknet recent 25

Parameter Type Description Example
keyword string User inputted keyword to search %24btc
result_type string Result filter by recent, popular, mixed popular
tweet_count int Number of tweets to display (15-100) 50


Plan to update the script to allow searched keywords without using the ‘%…’ in front of the text.