xBrowser extension wallet


Project: xBrowser
Cost: 3000 BLOCK
Vote: YES

Would you like to make inter-chain transactions through a website?
Or take payments for your DAPPs, ecommerce and more?

Look no further! We want to integrate the block dx into a metamask plugin

xRouter + Metamask = xBrowser

Here is a picture showing the concept:


Exchange in your browser
Send payments to website owners
Interact with dapps
Get snode rewards
Volume for the dx
Easy to integrate
Get basic users trying the dx
Good for blocknet shilling
Spend your altcoins on services that demand bitcoin

Funds will be used to pay a small team of developers to get this built!

xBrowser will require block DX running in the background to make exchanges.

I think this will be a big step towards mass adoption with blocknet

If anyone can help contribute, let me know!

Previous Work:
Also check out my calculator that I built:


The initial funds will be used to develop a Proof Of Concept. Everything will be open source and available on our github.

We are a team of 8 devs that specialize in ethereum dApps but have skills across the board…

We don’t yet know the full scale of this project but we are happy to develop it for the love of Cross-Chain interoperability!


Hey, could you post a link to your github?


I’ve not released any of my projects publicly…
I normally just use github to tinker…