Proposal Name: xvault-blocknet-litewallet-and-mobile
Owner: hanniabu
Cost: 6800

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Blocknet is working in partnership with CloudChains Inc. to develop the litewallet UI. Due to the importance of the litewallet, we believe it is best to develop the UI in-house. The Blocknet team has significant experience and developing the app ourselves allows for faster, more efficient development and better quality control. Having the app built in-house also provides us full end-to-end control for quick iterations, upgrades, and codebase architecture and design. The app is being built with cross-platform and maintainability in mind so a majority of the codebase for the desktop app will be reusable for the future mobile app. This proposal covers the cost for the development of a desktop litewallet app and the design of the mobile app.

View Litewallet Desktop Design

Current Status:

  • A desktop design has already been created by @shorn, generously paid for in donations from @fattox and @aderks
  • Development of the litewallet desktop UI has already begun. The app framework and sidebar panel have been completed and can be seen below
  • FYI the name (XVault) is not finalized


  • An open source, functional, and user-friendly litewallet app built with React, Redux, and Electron.
  • An open source UX/UI visual design for the mobile litewallet app with all assets included.


  • Development of the desktop litewallet app is expected to be completed by the end of August.
  • The mobile litewallet design is expected is expected to be completed by the end of August.


  • Development - 4000 BLOCK
  • Visual Design - 2800 BLOCK
  • Total - 6800 BLOCK

If anybody has any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment here or as in our Telegram or Discord.